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Therefore, this issue is not of such a nature that it would correct itself. Without intervention from government through fiscal or macroeconomic policy changes, the problem would only worsen. (Wijnberg, 2013) The second leg of the problem is one that is slightly more difficult to measure, but equally important as the first; as youth unemployment contributes to the degradation of ethical values and moral decline that is parted with the social problems that go hand-in-hand with a loss of hope.

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We have to stop pussyfooting around if we want to solve this problem. On the supply side, we must confront the fact that while our government has been incredibly successful at large, one-off projects that involve a limited number of steps (we hosted a very successful World Cup, put a satellite in space, and built a world-class passenger-rail service in our richest province), it has failed when projects require regular, on going contact with a large number of end users, such as in education. On the demand side, we must solve the problem of businesses that would rather poach employees from other companies than employ and train talented people who lack skills and work experience but could add value in the long term. (This, in spite of the fact that while the unemployment rate in South Africa is astounding, businesses struggle to fill vacancies.) And we also need to address the structural constraints of a large, poorly educated, mostly black population without the social capital to get workplace skills, work experience, and job placement.

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1034. What are the problems of unemployment and how can we eradicate it? Discuss, what is your opinion?

This is a direct way to reduce unemployment because the government pays able-bodied labourers to perform certain tasks. This government spending technique is not recommended, because the existence of public sector jobs depends on tax from the private sector. Research has shown that not all fiscal methods are effective. According to Kimberly, the most cost-effective solution is to provide construction jobs, followed by production of employment benefits and funding education.

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One of the major problems regarding unemployment in Pakistan is uncontrolled growth of population. The population of Pakistan is increasing at very high rate this time. According to the statistical, the population of Pakistan is increasing at the rate of 2.2%. There are plenty of factors responsible for over population such as early marriages, illiteracy, desires for sons, lack of awareness etc. As we all know that the is not upto the mark therefore increasing in population means bring more uneducated person into the field of labour. Government or any other company cannot provide jobs or work places to this huge amount of uneducated people. It has been noticed that growth of population is relatively common ruler areas. Most of people residing in villages are uneducated therefore they are lacking from problems due to over population.

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We are writing this post for the purpose of causes of Unemployment in Pakistan. There are plenty of causes or in other words reasons for unemployment. We have got problems in heritage. When Pakistan got independence form Hindus there hundreds of issues had to face to a newly Govt. I would not like to discuss independence problems but the major problems due to which unemployment takes place in the county have been thoroughly discussed below:-

Oct 25, 2014 · Youth unemployment is an urgent problem that affects nearly a quarter of the world's 15- to 24-year-olds

The poverty rate is also on peak therefore uneducated and unskilled people can be found easily in Pakistan. Labour class is also affected by the unemployment. Due to unemployment the living standard of Pakistanis is going down with the passage of time. People are lacking from their basic needs. People have become the patients of depression and they have no idea We have tried our best to point out some of the major causes of unemployment in Pakistan and as well as solutions as under: