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ok, this has apparently nothing to do with the reading level, but I have one problem. I was typing an essay for school and I went to another tab to do some research. When I went back to the Word Counter tab, the number of words dropped from 528 to 502. So now I’m quite confused which number of word I should use… Other than that, Word Counter has been a great help!!!

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Everyone leaving a comment here is so pretentious. Who cares if you’re a 4th grader with a 12th grade reading level. That means NOTHING kiddo. This website is an excellent tool for writing essays, not to brag about how smart you think you are. The reading level thing is just an algorithm to give you a basic approximation. Of course it’s not going to be perfect.

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The question is what the purpose of early reading instruction is. You can’t really determine that–or what his comprehension level was like–from the video snippets I’ve posted. You could get a better idea from my essay (not that I’m asking you to read it; it’s pretty long).