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...Analysis of Bill: Universal Healthcare Act The purpose of this analysis is to discuss the impact bill HB0942, Illinois Universal Healthcare Act, will have on the healthcare system in Illinois. This bill will allow easy healthcare access to all individuals living within the state. While there are many positives that can result from this new bill, there are also unintended consequences that could arise that must be taken into consideration. Many groups currently oppose the bill, yet others offer full support and hope to see it in action soon. Funding is a major issue since all citizens of Illinois will be covered by the plan. There are specific provisions included within HB0942 which range from medical services to long term care to job placement for anyone affected. Overview of the Problem Today, many Illinoisans are facing an enormous problem: the rising cost of healthcare. Currently, our state’s medical care cost, as of all America, is outrageously expensive while the quality of care is inadequate compared to other countries around the world. Using the latest statistics by the Physicians for a National Health Program Illinois (PNHP), approximately 1.8 million of the 13 million citizens of Illinois are lacking healthcare coverage ("A Single-Payer Statewide," 2013). It is very clear that the system the state is currently using is not working. For this reason, a new bill is in the process of being passed. The rising cost and lack of access to healthcare is...

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This is the old argument, but universal health care proves to be one of the greatest achievements of american society. In my opinion

...Universal Health Coverage: A Possibility for the United States Brittannie DePew Eng 122 David Moskowitz 9/21/2013 Medical costs are getting too expensive. Ever fought with your insurance providers because they refused to pay for care, or struggle to find an “in-network” provider? I know a woman whose name I will change for her privacy and the struggles she is going through are a perfect example of an issue many people face when dealing with insurance; Nancy’s (name changed for privacy) story is a perfect example of how our healthcare system is no longer working for the people. Nancy is this woman whose husband recently passed away. Nancy used to work for county and county workers cannot receive social security; and Nancy is too young for Medicaid by six years. Unfortunately, when Nancy’s husband passed away her healthcare began to go with him. Unless Nancy can find a way to pay the provider over a thousand dollars a month Nancy will lose her health care, because it was healthcare provided through her husband. She has tried searching for other providers but she cannot get the same coverage for any less money, when she found a couple that were close to the same coverage they did not accept pre-existing medical conditions. As a matter in fact many companies do not accept pre-existing medical providers. There are no options for Nancy; and that is wrong. There are many reasons why the United States should seriously consider Universal healthcare. Universal healthcare...

Universal Health Care: The result of universal health coverage in Thailand has been a significant fall A version of this essay was previously published in The.The message that striking rewards can be reaped from serious attempts at instituting—or even moving towards—universal healthcare is hard to miss. The critical ingredients of success that have emerged from these studies appear to include a firm political commitment to the provision of universal healthcare, running workable elementary healthcare and preventive services covering as much of the population as possible, paying serious attention to good administration in healthcare and ancillary public services and arranging effective school education for all. Perhaps most importantly, it means involving women in the delivery of health and education in a much larger way than is usual in the developing world.The experiences of many other countries also offer good lessons, from Brazil and Mexico (which have recently implemented UHC with reasonable success) to Bangladesh and the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (with progress towards the universal coverage that has already been achieved by Kerala). Bangladesh’s progress, which has been rapid, makes clear the effectiveness of giving a significant role to women in the delivery of healthcare and education, combined with the part played by women employees in spreading knowledge about effective family planning (Bangladesh’s fertility rate has fallen sharply from being well above five children per couple to 2.2—quite close to the replacement level of 2.1). To separate out another empirically observed influence, Tamil Nadu shows the rewards of having efficiently run public services for all, even when the services on offer may be relatively meagre. The population of Tamil Nadu has greatly benefited, for example, from its splendidly run mid-day meal service in schools and from its extensive system of nutrition and healthcare of pre-school children.Universal health care essay Pro universal health from industry america is a gift to the government should be the world, 2015 please use of this essay.